At El Yaman Group, we understand that a successful company is supported by a healthy community. That’s why we believe that involvement with the community around us is important.

We were one of the biggest sponsors of the Lebfoods event held in Mechref. The event was organized by university students and aimed to provide a venue for the display of Lebanese products that would allow businesses and small entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry in Lebanon to interact with potential customers and suppliers of the same and similar industries. Companies from all parts of the country, including Saida, Beirut, Northern Lebanon, the Beqaa, and the Chouf, participated in the event.

As part of our initiative to get involved, we printed the banners that set up the overall theme that allowed the various businesses to promote themselves to the Lebfoods guests. The event was divided into four different themes: Helo Baladi (sweets), Khebez Baladi (bread), Mashroub Baladi (drinks), and Mantouj Baladi (product). Companies that participated in the event included Tannourine, Al Halabi nuts, Al Rifai, Fantasia, Groupy Sweets, Harvest, Kasatli, Shamsine, Khan Al Saboun and the like.

2006 July War
During the dismal 2006 July War, El Yaman Group remained stable and optimistic. The unfortunate circumstances forced our entire Lebanese economy to come to a near halt. To keep food, water, and supplies circulating, philanthropic organizations came to the rescue and worked under dangerous conditions to deliver the food and supplies that were being sent from various countries with the condition that their names were clearly printed on the packages they were handed out in. El Yaman Group operated relentlessly for the entire span of the July War to ensure that rations packages were clearly labeled and that those volunteers who so bravely worked to help their community were identifiable with printed hats and t-shirts.

El Yaman Group also works with a long list of NGO’s including the UN head office, UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, UCODEP, SLOWFOOD Beirut, COSV, Mission Cultural Francaise, and the Hariri Foundation. Our quality, speed, and expertise meet the international standards that they are used to and allow us to keep in close contact with the part of our community that is so actively connected to the rest of world.