Our Purpose
We’re about making impressions. Find out what we’re passionate about, our strengths, and why we’re here.

Here at El Yaman Group, we’re passionate about bringing your brand to life through our ink and paper. We bring out that image you rely on to make a lasting impression on your target markets through our Pre-press, Press, Digital Printing, Security PrintingLabel Printing and Post-press services. By totally immersing ourselves in your industry and target markets, we ensure the end-result manifests the personality and corporate identity of your company. El Yaman Group. Together Creating a Stunning Impression.

To cultivate our printing establishment to become a Print City in Saida, Lebanon, in so doing, becoming the benchmark for commercial printing and related services and the model for scale, scope and insight in the commercial printing industry in the Middle East.

El Yaman Group is dedicated to earning its position in Lebanon and the Middle East as the premier provider of a diverse range of high quality printing services by delivering the highest quality, the best cycle times, and the most attractive return on investment in the industry.