Our Story
It all started in 1987. Discover the journey that got us here. Where will it take us next?

It all started in 1987 as a pre-press office and stamp shop. With the hard work and ambition of its owner, and through the dedication and devotion of its staff and employees, El Yaman Est. grew, all the while expanding its scope of services in the commercial printing field to deliver a diverse range of printing services.  

Twenty years of indulgence in the field of commercial printing, exposure to the market, and the development of partnerships with clients and suppliers allowed El Yaman Est. to earn its position in the industry in the acknowledgment of its diversity, professionalism, and speedy delivery times. A technological transformation in our departments made El Yaman Est. one of the most advanced printing operations in Lebanon and the Middle East.

El Yaman Group was then established armed with the deft know-how of commercial printing technologies and ready to cater to the needs of a wide range of industries. It was founded with the promise of moving forward into the future to incorporate state-of-the-art printing technologies to keep up with the changing dynamics of the industry.