Responsible Printing
Superman wears blue, red, and yellow. We like GREEN.

In today’s world of environmental disasters, responsible printing and efficient production are the cornerstones of a sustainable printing business. Our printing practices are built around the concepts of waste minimization and energy conservation. By printing responsibly and efficiently, we do what’s better for our environment.


Responsible printing begins early on in the printing process and continues throughout. We consult our clients on designs that will reduce ink and paper waste. For example, we suggest using standard paper sizes to save time and reduce left-over paper trimmings. By consulting our clients during the design, press, trimming, and binding processes, we print efficiently to reduce overall costs and cycle times.  

During the production process, we believe in reducing, re-using, and recycling to keep waste to a minimum across the entire scope of our services, from Pre-Press to Delivery. Reducing, re-using, and recycling describe daily practical activities that are carried out during production, administrative and logistics activities. And with our digital printing capabilities, film and plates are unnecessary, eliminating chemical and solid waste resulting from traditional photographic platemaking processes. Furthermore, as a single solution for your printing needs, our scale allows us to reduce energy consumption per printed page.

El Yaman Group is driven by efficiency. We work to reduce waste in every aspect of what we do, including distribution. When it comes to delivering finished products, we make sure our mailing lists are accurate, up-to-date, and on target to minimize re-sends and wasted printed products and to keep clientele costs at a low and deadlines at their earliest.